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Advances have made hiring an attorney easier and less expensive. When you finally determine you need a lawyer, choosing an experienced firm with the right focus can be difficult. Fortunately, the most established, successful firms have the money to advertise online in your region, so you don't have to waste hours of your life on the phone. There's nothing left to do except search right here to find the very best attorneys in your area.

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A car accident is stressful. You have stress with car repairs and medical bills if you get injured.

Contacting the insurance company is already a stressful situation itself, so hiring an auto accident attorney seems to make things even more complicated.

That’s where you’re mistaken. An auto accident attorney will professionally handle your case to avoid headaches in the future.

Many people go for a quick settlement, which doesn’t even cover their car repair correctly. And then they get into debt when the insurance isn’t enough for the medical bills.

An auto accident attorney can give you the compensation you deserve. Read now and learn how to hire the best auto accident attorney for you!

When should I hire an auto accident attorney?

The best answer is to always hire whenever you have a car accident.

Without an auto accident attorney on your side, you’re at the hands of your insurance company. And an insurance company will always go for a quick settlement and use tactics to discredit your claims.

The only plausible case in which you can choose not to hire an auto accident attorney is in a “fender bender”. This means a minor collision in which you didn’t have any injury.

However, if you got injured, you’ll need an attorney to have the correct and best compensation.

After all, you’ll have medical bills, time off work, car repair bills, and all the emotional trauma of going through a painful car accident.

In fact, auto accident attorney Ronald V. Miller Jr. from Miller & Zois says his clients can earn up to 50 times more than a settlement when you take an insurance company to court!

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What should I do as soon as I have an auto accident?

The insurance company will surely contact you - don’t say more than you should.

Calls from insurance companies are recorded, and this can be used against you later on in court.

The best approach is to say, “I will hire an attorney before proceeding with further communication” and end the phone call.

Steven M. Sweat, Personal Injury Lawyers APC, recommends you seek prompt medical attention. He says insurance companies can use time against you if you don’t seek urgent medical treatment.

If you take too many days to seek treatment, they can downplay your injuries and say that “Well, if you were really hurt, why did it take you so long to see a doctor?”, according to Mr. Sweat.

How to hire the best auto accident attorney

There are several attorneys out there that defend clients for auto accidents. You even see them on TV and radio commercials.

You should steer clear of attorneys that appear too much in the media. This is the biggest sign they work at a “settlement mill”.

How to avoid a settlement mill?

A settlement mill gets its name from what it does: try to solve as many cases as possible through cheap, quick settlements.

It’s a win-win for them and the insurance companies. They deal with your case pronto, and the insurance company loses less money.

If you want the best compensation for your auto accident, stay away from a settlement mill.

Three signs of a settlement mill:

1. You never manage to contact the attorney:

When you call, you talk with a secretary. Then you go to the firm, and it’s the secretary again. You ask to speak with a lawyer, and they send you a paralegal.

2. They insist you make a settlement and tell you all the time “how bad going to court” is:

They’ll insist on your first appointment to call the insurance company and make a settlement. Or they’ll offer to make the call for you and then tell you the price. Avoid, because this means they don’t want the effort of truly researching your case for the best compensation.

3. They appear a lot on TV and radio but don’t have many client testimonials:

You probably saw them in the media, and they’ll claim something outrageous like “call me now and get your settlement” or “we’ll cover everything for you now!” with urgency which is impossible if you truly research a client’s case. But when it comes to talking about previous clients, they don’t have many details or they still use the “advertisement language,” saying it was quick and got them “all covered”.

Where to find a reliable auto attorney with experience

There are several trusty sources you can rely on to find a great auto accident attorney.

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Check out these tips below:

  • Find State Bar attorneys in “Civil Trial”: this is the specialization a lawyer needs to take your auto accident to court. A State Bar verified attorney has already passed all the necessary exams to practice, so that means they are reliable.

  • Search Online, but pay attention to client reviews: Click on a state, town, or county and check the listings.

Attorneys have their contact info and client reviews. Check out what previous clients have said and read the Attorney’s “overview” section. If the attorney seems reliable, get in touch and ask about your case.

No matter what attorney you hire, always ask about fees. It’s preferable to hire attorneys that ask for a fee only if you win the case.

Now you know how to hire an auto accident attorney to cover your case!

Make sure you get the compensation you truly deserve with an attorney that will do their research and won’t hesitate to go to court.

Beware of settlement mills and always read what previous clients have to say!

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