Here’s Why Americans Are So Obsessed with Bed-In-A-Box Companies

Be honest. Does the thought of mattress shopping fill you with joy and excitement? If you’re like most people, you view it as a boring, wallet emptying, time consuming chore. You put it off because you know you’ll face high pressure sales tactics from "middle men." You’re paying a premium for ads, overhead, commissions, and expensive storefronts but mattress startups are changing the game. Why bother when you can pay less, sleep better, and search online?

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Bed-In-A-Box companies are changing the game. Several internet mattress startups saw a huge opportunity back in 2007. They knew how much money they could make while also making mattresses affordable again. They decided to turn the mattress sales model on its head, and the smart consumers are getting on board.

Bed-in-a-Box Mattresses Are Gobbling Up Market Share Fast

Arguably, the most innovative thing about Bed-In-A-Box companies is the convenience factor. Because they utilize new technology and materials, they are much easier to ship. Here’s how it works. You go online, read all the reviews, pick a mattress, and within a matter of days, a box that doesn’t look big enough to hold a blanket, let alone a whole mattress, arrives at your door. Instead of having to pay a delivery fee or get a bunch of people to help you haul it in, you open up the package, let the air in, and the mattress fills up to the desired firmness almost instantly. People go crazy over these mattresses because it’s so fun to open them up.

Because you can’t always test them out in person, most of the newer mattress companies offer a guarantee for a certain number of days for you to test out the mattress in your home. This is great because you can evaluate how your body responds to several nights of sleep before making a commitment. Today’s online mattress companies are all about using tech to streamline the customer experience.

See What People Are Saying on the Web

Buzzfeed quoted this promising reviewer, “My husband and I spent two years looking for mattresses, and the last thing we thought we would ever do is impulse buy a mattress online without even laying on it. Well, I've never been so happy I took the leap! No more tossing and turning, no more back pain or stiffness. I think he even snores less! I can't feel him get up in the mornings, and most importantly we both get what we need – I like a firm mattress, and he likes a soft one. This bed forms to you. It will give you what you need and never sags, just bounces right back in to place. It was delivered fast and took minutes to open and fully unfold. No chemical smells, no hassle, just a great night sleep.

“Industry sources report that the number of online mattress retailers is now approaching 200, and many are puffing up their marketing messages in an attempt to be heard above the din.” -Consumer Reports

“The online mattress business really went from nothing to a $1.5 billion business in the blink of an eye. This whole industry has been disrupted by the idea that maybe you don’t have to try the mattress before you buy it.” -USA Today

Intense Competition Between Bed-In-A-Box Companies Keeps Prices Low Because the online mattress business is booming, hundreds of competitors have popped up. This is great for the consumer because fierce competition means it’s a buyers market. Not only have they eliminated the need for a store and a middle man, but they’ve also cut prices in order to remain competitive with each other. If you decide to take the leap and try an online mattress, you can do all the research you need online. Remember to look at multiple review sites and sources, consider any bias people might have, and go from there. Happy mattress hunting from the comfort of your couch.