Here’s Why You Should Consider a Medical Billing and Coding Degree

Want all the benefits of having a health care job, but don’t want to work with patients? Consider getting your online degree in medical billing and coding. There are many benefits to working in this industry — and the best part? You could get your online degree in as little as six months. In just half a year, you could change your entire career for the better. Simply decide if you want online or local classes and off you go:

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What is medical billing and coding?

Medical billing and coding professionals are the foundation of every health care facility. They translate every procedure into a code, which is then given to insurance companies for billing purposes. Without medical billing and coding professionals, health care facilities would be unable to run smoothly, and patients wouldn’t be able to rely on receiving accurate invoices for their care.

What are the benefits of getting a degree in medical billing and coding?

1. Promising job outlook

As baby boomers age, the demand for medical billing and coding professionals increases. In fact, the demand is actually expected to grow 13 percent by 2026 (based on a study that started measuring this in 2016). If you become a medical billing and coding professional, you can rest easy knowing that there will be lots of potential job opportunities.

2. Job flexibility

When you have a degree in medical billing and coding, the job possibilities are plenty. Whether you want to work in a doctor’s office, a hospital or even work remotely, there are many flexible opportunities available. And speaking of flexibility, earning this degree online also customizes your experience. Earning the degree online means that you can make your coursework fit your own schedule — so you can get it while working another job, raising a family or just juggling your everyday to-do list.

3. Rewarding work

There’s a great deal of trust put into medical billing and coding professionals, and for good reason. They keep the operation running smoothly.

4. Great salary

The average pay for medical billing and coding professionals is well above the federal minimum wage. In 2020, the average yearly salary is nearly $50,000. And that’s just entry-level — as with any career, there’s always room to grow.

How can I get a degree in medical billing and coding?

Two words: online programs. There’s no need to spend time commuting to a university when you’re pursuing your degree in medical billing and coding. There are many reputable online programs to choose from. Just make sure that it’s accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Health Information Management (CAHIIM) and you’ll be good to go. Most programs take 6-12 months to complete — and the benefits of doing so can last a lifetime.

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What types of jobs could I get with a medical billing and coding degree?

So many opportunities open up when you have your medical billing and coding degree — here are just a few of them.

Title: Medical records and health information technician Job description: Uses special codes to translate medical procedures and supplies into billable insurance claims Average yearly salary: $39,180

Title: Medical transcriptionist Job description: Transcribes the dictations of doctors and medical professionals for patient chartwork Average yearly salary: $35,250

Title: Certified professional compliance officer Job description: Evaluates and investigates processes to make sure they comply with industry regulations (requires bachelor’s degree) Average yearly salary: $67,870

Title: Medical health and services manager Job description: Plans and directs medical and health services (requires master’s degree) Average yearly salary: $98,350

If you want to make a career change and make a difference in the world, then don’t wait. The sooner you start your online medical billing and coding program, the sooner you can start earning your new salary. Find a program today.

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